If you are looking into vinyl windows, chances are your home is in need of some renovations. At Canadian Choice, we deal exclusively with vinyl, because of its increased energy efficiency, great functionality, and material’s beauty.

Maintenance Free

One of the main reason modern home buyers choose vinyl, over other materials, is the fact that it is practically maintenance free. Wood, for example, needs to be repainted and refinished every couple of years. Our vinyl windows do not require any such upkeep. Also, the interior and exterior of the plastic material are very easy to clean. All you need is a piece of cloth.

Energy Efficient

With global warming around the corner, and pollution as high as ever, it is our duty to innovate towards energy efficiency. This is why vinyl windows are such a better option in comparison to wood. First, we save our forests, and second, we produce a superior product in terms of energy consumption.

Our Low E coating, whether on a double or triple pane window, limits the radiative heat flow. This way, your home remains cooler during the warm summer months, and warmer during the winter months. Therefore, you use less energy to cool or heat your home.

Quality Glass

A vinyl window frame is not much without a proper double or triple pane insulated glass. For this, we use Cardinal IG glass, sealed with Argon gas and covered with a Low-E coating. Our secret sauce is in the way we combine the frame and the glass, making an extremely high energy efficient end product.

Home Appearance

Canadian Choice offers over 30 different styles of windows. The beauty of vinyl is that it can be custom made to fit any home in any size and style. Also, unlike other materials, vinyl can be painted in practically any colour that you can think off (inside and out).

New wood grain technology allows us to make windows that look exactly like wood. This way, we can make windows that can match any existing home exterior. Many homeowners cannot even tell the difference unless they feel the actual frame of the window. The difference is, that your vinyl window that looks like would last you another 20 years without the need to be maintained.

Home Added Value

Wood is typically priced at 3 times, or so, higher than vinyl. Considering that it needs to be maintained, and it is similar in energy efficiency, picking vinyl is an obvious choice. This is why homeowners across Canada have been consistently picking vinyl over wood.


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