bay and bow windows

Bay windows have long held the reputation for being a symbol of a calm, serene home.  Their easy elegance and somewhat rustic charm make them an appealing addition to a home – provided that they are placed in the right spot.

Because of the massive size of a bay window, you will want to make sure it is installed in a place that allows you to enjoy a panorama that is visually appealing. Most bay windows are placed overlooking a front yard, but there is also great visual appeal to a bay window that overlooks a natural landscape or a backyard garden. We recently installed some beautiful windows in Steinbach.

The dominant feature of a bay window is one giant center pane, flanked by two smaller panes. This allows plenty of natural light to come into the home.  This also makes the window a prime place for you to flex your decorative muscle, as a bay window provides plenty of space to fill with seasonal décor during the holidays or your knack for interior design in general.

Bay windows are also great from a practical standpoint. Since they are typically featured on the first floor of a property, they are easy to clean. Plus, their capacity to welcome natural light into the home can also save on energy bills over time.

bow window

Much like their bay window counterparts, bow windows have long symbolized a peaceful home aesthetic. The key difference is the actual panes themselves.  Rather than being dominated by one massive pane in the middle of the unit, bow windows are typical split off into multiple long panes that are shaped like casement windows.

Even though it is shaped differently, bow windows still provide a lot of the same perks that a bay window does. Firstly, it is typically featured on the first floor of a property and is, therefore, easier to clean. Also, because of the size and quantity of the panes, bow windows allow for a lot of natural light to come into the home – something that could translate into lower energy bills down the line.

What’s more, bow windows do allow you to enjoy great panoramic views of the surrounding area. Typically, you’ll see bow windows overlooking a garden – a tendency that also feeds into its reputation for fueling serenity. But bow windows also work in other scenarios in which beauty can be appreciated greatly, such as in the back of the home overlooking a garden or looking over a natural landscape feature, such as a mountain or a pond.



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