Best Places to Visit in Manitoba

When you think of Canada, what comes to mind is maple syrup, ice hockey, and the cultural diversity we’ve come to love. That’s just a tiny fraction of the beautiful aspects of Canada. One place that’s worth visiting is Manitoba. It’s Canada’s fifth province and is known for its more than 100,000 lakes.

Aside from its natural scenery, Manitoba province is also known for its culture and climate. There’s always something for everyone to do regardless of age. As an experienced window replacement company, Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is glad to be part of this community.

Our primary mission is to help customers save money on their monthly bills. We do so by helping you choose energy-efficient doors and windows for your home. As locals of the area, we are happy to educate the community on how to protect the environment one Winnipeg window at a time.

We would also love to give you a tour of our lovely province. As such, here are the best places to visit while in Manitoba.


Aside from its massive population of 749607 as of 2021, Winnipeg is also the capital of Manitoba, and it has a vast transportation and railway hub. This hub is what makes many refer to this town as the Gateway to the West. Being the Gateway to the West comes with lots of advantages, one of them being the center of music, arts, and dance.

The heart of Winnipeg is the Forks, a historic site at the Assiniboine and Red Rivers intersection. The ample space available is dedicated to concerts, festivals, and exhibits. As a Winnipeg window replacement company, we know how diverse Winnipeg is, which is why it’s one of the locations we serve.


Another city you should visit while in Manitoba province is Selkirk. It is known for its rich history, which is evident from the landmark tourist attractions and sites. Historical figures linked to Selkirk are Sir Walter Scott and William Wallace.

Another aspect that makes Selkirk unique is its location. The city is positioned as a bustling hill town on the border crossroads, making it a convenient place for stopovers. It’s also located between Carlisle and Edinburgh and is the Gateway to the Yarrow and Ettrick valleys, making Selkirk the staging point for most destinations in Manitoba province.

Saint Andrews

You’ve probably guessed by now that Manitoba province is a historical location, and that’s no different for Saint Andrews. One of the historical sites Saint Andrews is known for is the national historical site. This site depicts the history of the people living in Saint Andrews.

Aside from its rich history, Saint Andrews is also known as the home of golf. Here, you’ll get to see age-old golf courses that can be linked back to the 15th century.

Riverdale East

The first thing you see when driving into Riverdale East is its green spaces, which is a sight to behold for anyone visiting Manitoba province. Aside from the green surroundings, this neighborhood is also surrounded by a fair number of hills, like most towns in the area.

It is also reasonably close to a park, and if you are looking for the right place to relax and enjoy your surroundings, Riverdale East is the place to do so.

Saint Paul

Much like most cities in Manitoba province, Saint Paul has its share of attractive sites and beautiful experiences. Some of the places you can visit to get a feel of the city’s rich history include:

  • Manitoba museum
  • Manitoba legislative building
  • Royal Canadian Mint, among others

Apart from its scenery, Saint Paul is known for its education because of St. Paul’s College. The college was established in 1926 and has become a huge historical center for the city.

North Transcona

The last place we urge you to visit in Manitoba is North Transcona. Like most cities in Manitoba, North Transcona is also known for its historical importance. It is home to the Transcona Historical Museum, the only historical building in the neighborhood.

It’s also the perfect place for sports nuts and art enthusiasts to enjoy themselves. This makes it one of the many towns in Manitoba that have something for everyone to enjoy.

After living and working in Manitoba for several years, we know how beautiful it gets here. So, the next time you plan on visiting Manitoba, why not try out these other locations as well? Also, for experienced window replacement professionals, contact us today to get started!


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