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By Mircea Eliade

In the interval domoninated via the triumphs of clinical rationalism, how will we account for the extreme good fortune of such occult pursuits as astrology or the revival of witchcraft? From his viewpoint as a historian of religions, the eminent pupil Mircea Eliade indicates that such renowned traits advance from archaic roots and periodically resurface in yes myths, symbols, and rituals. In six lucid essays accrued for this quantity, Eliade finds the profound spiritual importance that lies on the middle of many modern cultural vogues.

Since the entire essays other than the final have been initially added as lectures, their introductory personality and vigorous oral variety lead them to really obtainable to the clever nonspecialist. instead of a popularization, Occultism, Witchcraft, and Cultural Fashions is the achievement of Eliade's conviction that the heritage of religions could be learn by way of the widest attainable audience.

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Forty Seed, pointed out with spirit and lightweight: in historical India, 94-97; in Tibet, ninety eight Semen, sanctification via , between Phibionites, 109-12 5,emen virile, 95-96, 113 "Separation" of religious essence from corporeal being, 108-9 Sexuality, demonization of, ninety sexual activity in Tantrism, 99-103 Shamans, 38-39 , 115-17; Kogi, 36-37 Shamanism, fifty six Sioux, cosmological symbolism of, 26 Siva, ninety nine Sivin, Nathan, fifty five Smith , Jonathan Z. , 28-29 Smith, W. Robertson, on Nilus' description of Arabian sacrifice, 6 Soma, 104-5 Sorcerers (stregoni, strighe), 74-78 house, sacred, i. e. , "real," 21 ff. ; orientated, 30 Tantriiloka, 100-101 , 136 nn. 39,42 Tantrism, 55-56, 100-103, 136 nn. 38-42, 137 nn. 43-46; orgies in, 88 Tathiigatagarbha, pointed out with "luminous thought," ninety seven, 134 n. 21. Tehom , 27-28 Temple of Jerusalem, 28, 30 Theodore, Saint, consumer of Siintoaderi, 82-84 Tibet, ninety eight ff. Tiryakian, E. A. , forty eight, 124 nn. 1-3 , II Totality, primordial, 89-90 Totem and Taboo (Freud), 3-5 Ts'on k'a pa, ninety nine Tucci, Giuseppe, ninety nine, 102, 113 , one hundred thirty five nn. 30-33 , 136 n. forty two, 137 nn. 43-46 Upanishads, 102, 113 , 137 nn. 8-9; sun seed within the, 95-97 U~,! i~a , 133 n. 14 Vajra (membrum virile), ninety nine Valery, Paul , three VaUabhiicaryas, 88 Verlaine, Paul, fifty two Verne, Jules , 2 Vouru. kasa Sea, 104-5 Waldensians, 86 Warner, W. Lloyd, 32,40 148 Index Wellhausen, J. , 6 Werewolves, Lithuanian, struggle the satan, 77-78 Wilde Heer, a hundred thirty n. 34 Witchcraft, ecu: bibliography on, 128 nn. 1-8; theories on origins of, fifty seven ff. , 69-73 Xvarenah , 103-5 Yage,116-18 Yasna as selling .. separation" of religious essence from corporeal being, 108 Yates, Frances A. , 56-57 Yeats, W. B. , and the Order of the Golden sunrise, fifty one Yoga, 55-56 Zarathustra, 103-4 Ziitspram , 104 Zine, 80-82, one hundred thirty n. 35.

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