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By Lynn Hunt, Thomas R. Martin, Barbara H. Rosenwein, R. Po-chia Hsia, Bonnie G. Smith

With a chronological narrative that provides a very worldwide context, The Making of the West: A Concise heritage tells the tale of the cross-cultural exchanges that experience formed Western heritage. This author-abridged model of the guardian textual content bargains the flexibleness of a quick book.

Textbook for collage point Western Civilization classes.

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C. E. outcomes, 1690–1740 18 The Promise of Enlightenment, three The Greek Golden Age, c. 500–c. four hundred B. C. E. 483 17 The Atlantic method and Its 2 The close to East and the Emergence of Greece, 1000–500 B. C. E. Order, 1648–1690 419 Europe, 1945–1960s 879 28 Postindustrial Society and the tip of the chilly battle Order, 1960s–1989 915 29 a brand new Globalism, 1989 to the current 951 15 Wars of faith and the conflict of Worldviews, 1560–1648 451 Appendix: valuable evidence and Figures A-1 xi This web page deliberately left clean Contents Preface short Contents v xi Maps and Figures xxix distinct beneficial properties xxxv To the scholar Authors’ observe: The B. C. E. / C. E. relationship approach in regards to the Authors Prologue The Beginnings of Human Society, to c. 4000 B. C. E. P-3 xxxix xlv xlvii The Paleolithic Age, 200,000–10,000 B. C. E. P-4 The lifetime of Hunter-Gatherers P-5 know-how, alternate, faith, and Hierarchy P-6 The Neolithic Age, 10,000–4000 B. C. E. P-8 The Neolithic Revolution P-8 Neolithic Origins of contemporary lifestyles and conflict P-10 way of life within the Neolithic Village of Çatalhöyük P-10 Gender Inequality within the Neolithic Age P-14 end P-15 • bankruptcy evaluation P-16 NEW resources, NEW views: day-by-day Bread, broken Bones, and Cracked the teeth P-12 xiii xiv Contents bankruptcy 1 Early Western Civilization, 4000–1000 B. C. E. The arguable suggestion of Western Civilization three four Defining Western Civilization four finding Early Western Civilization 6 Mesopotamia, domestic of the 1st Civilization, 7 4000–1000 B. C. E. sixteen The Hittites, 1750–1200 B. C. E. 24 The Minoans, 2200–1400 B. C. E. 25 The Mycenaeans, 1800–1000 B. C. E. 27 The interval of Calamities, 1200–1000 B. C. E. 28 end 29 • bankruptcy evaluate 31 phrases OF heritage: Civilization 6 record: Hammurabi’s legislation for Physicians 15 rfile: mentioning Innocence on Judgment Day in old Egypt 22 34 the hot Empire of Assyria, 900–600 B. C. E. 35 The Neo-Babylonian Empire, 600–539 B. C. E. 36 The Persian Empire, 557–500 B. C. E. 37 The Hebrews, Origins to 539 B. C. E. 39 forty two The Greek darkish Age, 1000–750 B. C. E. forty two The Values of the Olympic video games forty five Homer, Hesiod, and Divine Justice in Greek delusion forty six From Egyptian Unification to the previous nation, 3050–2190 B. C. E. sixteen the center and New Kingdoms in Egypt, 2061–1081 B. C. E. 20 The Hittites, Minoans, and Mycenaeans, 2200–1000 B. C. E. From darkish Age to Empire within the close to East, 1000–500 B. C. E. Remaking Greek Civilization, 1000–750 B. C. E. towns and Society, 4000–2350 B. C. E. 7 Metals, the Akkadian Empire, and the Ur III Dynasty, c. 2350–c. 2000 B. C. E. 12 Assyrian, Babylonian, and Canaanite Achievements, 2000–1000 B. C. E. thirteen Egypt, the 1st Unified kingdom, 3050–1000 B. C. E. bankruptcy 2 The close to East and the Emergence 33 of Greece, 1000–500 B. C. E. 23 The construction of the Greek Polis, 750–500 B. C. E. forty seven The actual atmosphere of the Greek City-State forty seven alternate and “Colonization,” 800–580 B. C. E. forty eight Citizenship and Freedom within the Greek City-State fifty one New instructions for the Polis, 750–500 B. C. E. Oligarchy in Sparta, 700–500 B. C. E. fifty seven Tyranny in Corinth, 657–585 B.

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