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Dreaming of Michelangelo is the 1st book-length learn to discover the highbrow and cultural affinities among sleek Judaism and the existence and paintings of Michelangelo Buonarroti. It argues that Jewish intellectuals came across themselves within the picture of Michelangelo as an "unrequited lover" whose paintings expressed loneliness and a eager for humanity's reaction. the trendy Jewish mind's eye hence turned consciously idolatrous. Writers delivered to life—literally—Michelangelo's sculptures, seeing in them their very own worldly and emotional struggles. The Moses statue particularly turned an archetype of Jewish liberation politics in addition to a primary concentration of Jewish aesthetics. And such affinities prolonged past sculpture: Jewish viewers to the Sistine Chapel reinterpreted the ceiling as a manifesto of prophetic socialism, with out its Christian components. in accordance with Biemann, the phenomenon of Jewish self-recognition in Michelangelo's paintings provided a substitute for the failed gives you of the German enlightenment. via this unforeseen discovery, he rethinks German Jewish heritage and its connections to Italy, the Mediterranean, and the artwork of the Renaissance.

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