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By Stephen Biesty

An intimate consultant to the interior of a citadel and the lives of its citizens, this Stephen Biesty vintage, Cross-Sections Castle, information the workings of a medieval fortress.

With intricately unique cross-sections, readers can discover layer upon layer of chateau existence together with the folk, their possessions, and the way they lived, in addition to how they defended themselves from enemy assaults and settled down for a night of leisure. whenever readers flip the web page, they'll observe new information, making this the last word "insider's guide" to the constitution of a fortress and the lives of its inhabitants.

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Daub A fortified tower containing residing quarters, located on the middle of the fort. the encompassing of a fortress to chop off its offers and make the occupants give up. a dust coating—much like plaster—smeared on wattle. lance siege engine embrasures a protracted, pointed pole used as a weapon in struggle and jousting. A computer for firing missiles at a fort, or for scaling partitions. mangonel squire A siege engine that used the ability in a twisted twine to fireplace missiles. a tender trainee knight who served as an assistant to an older knight. merlons match excessive sections of the battlements. moat A knight’s war-game that imitated actual battles; frequently used to intend jousting. A water-filled ditch round the fort. trebuchet homicide holes a massive siege engine within the type of a boulder-firing catapult. ashlar construction stone that's trimmed to form. atilliator Arrow loops within the merlons. a talented citadel employee who made crossbows. ewerer A employee who introduced and heated water for the knight and his kinfolk to scrub in. bailey An open sector enclosed by means of citadel partitions. garrison battlements a gaggle of squaddies guarding the fortress. Jagged stonework that secure the wall-walk. bring in boon day A knight’s assistant, consultant on the joust, and professional consultant on heraldry. a mandatory workday while manor staff helped within the lord’s fields. heraldry buttery the foundations controlling the use by way of noblemen of the exact styles used on their flags, armor, and shields. The room the place wine was once allotted from barrels. butts troubadour oubliette a qualified musician who often traveled from city to city. A tiny phone the place prisoners have been left to die. turning bridge pillory A drawbridge that's pivoted within the center. objectives for city archery perform. hoarding chivalry A shielding wood extension of the citadel wall-walk. A punishment body that typically gripped a victim’s arms and head whereas onlookers threw rubbish. hoarding holes portcullis Holes within the citadel partitions to aid the hoarding. A sliding grid of stout wooden used to protect the fort front. jousting quarrel A knight’s battle online game performed on horseback. Armored competitors charged at one another, each one utilizing his lance to knock the opposite from the saddle. An arrow for a crossbow. wattle quintain A woven panel of twigs utilized in construction. principles of well mannered and honorable habit that knights have been imagined to stick with. constable somebody who took care of a fortress whilst the landlord used to be away. crenellations Jagged protecting stonework on the best of the fort wall. Arrow loops villein a typical laborer residing on a knight’s property in close to slavery. wall-walk A footpath round the most sensible of the fort partitions. A aim for jousting perform. Pillory Jousting 50 Holes within the ground that allowed archers to fireside into the room less than. Mangonel Wattle and daub Trebuchet Index A alchemist 39 ale 27, forty five alms forty animal fats forty two animals 31, 38, 39, forty four, forty five apprentices 26, 28 archery 25, forty eight archive 23, 31 armor 21, 27, 29, forty-one, forty two palms, heraldic forty-one arrow loops 25 arrows, flaming thirteen, 17, 23 arsenal tower 46–47 ashlar 25 atilliator 27 assaults eleven, 12, thirteen, 14–17 B bailey 10–11 barons 20 basket boys 22 bathing 35 battering ram 17 endure baiting 39 mattress 30 bee skeps forty three belfry 17 betrothal rite 31, 32 blacksmith 24, forty two bloodletting 30 boar 38, forty four Bodiam citadel eleven books 33 boon day forty five boots 29 branding forty six bread 35 brewing 27, forty five construction 24–25 buttery 35 butts forty eight C candles 27, forty two wood worker 24, forty two carts forty two “cat” gadget 17 cats 31, 39 livestock forty four chain mail 29 chapel 30, 31, 33 chaplain 31, 33 Chepstow fort 10 chickens forty four youngsters 32, 39 Chinon citadel 10 chivalry forty garments 28–29, 32 cockfighting 39 constable 18, 19 courtroom rolls 23 craftsmen 22, 24, 26–27 cranes 23 crenellations 21 crenels 12, thirteen crime 23, 31, 46–47 crossbows 15, 17, 25, 27, forty eight cutlery 35 D deer forty four defenses eleven, 12–13, 15 demesne lands forty two ditch clearing 26 health professional 30, 33 canines 38, 39 drawbridge 10, thirteen drawbridge pit forty seven ducking stool forty seven dungeons 19 dyeing 27, 28 E early castles 10 schooling 31, 32, 33 eel traps 35 embrasures thirteen leisure 37, 38–39 executions 46–47 F farming forty two, 44–45 feasts 34–35, 37, forty four feudalism 20–21 fireplace thirteen, 23 firepots 17 firewood forty two, forty five fish 34, 35, forty three flag 27 nutrition 14, 15, 34–37, 42–45 meals taster 35 idiot eleven, 37 freemen 20 freestone 25 G gallery 30 gallows forty six, forty seven video games 39 rubbish forty three gardens 38 garrison 18–19, 46–47 gatehouse 10, eleven, 12–13, 18–19 gauntlets 21, 29, forty-one glass 30 gong farmer eleven, 19 grappling iron 17 nice corridor 30, 34–35, 37 guards thirteen, 21, 39 H putting forty seven harvest forty five hawking 38 heads, severed forty six, forty seven helmets 21, forty-one heraldry forty-one herbage forty two herbs 33, 36, 37, 39 hoardings thirteen, 15 homage 21 honey forty three looking 38, 39, forty four J Jamille fort 21 jester 37 jousting 30, 38–39, forty-one okay continue 10, 26–27, 30 king 20 kitchens 36 knights eleven, 14, 20, 29, 38–39, 40–41, forty nine L ladies-in-waiting 33 girl of the manor 32 lady’s honor 39 lances 38, 40–41 larder 42–43 latrines eleven, 12, 18, 19 legislations pass judgement on and jury 23 punishment 46–47 lead 22, 23, 26 leather-based 29 making bate for 23 licence to crenellate 21 limewash 26 farm animals forty four, forty five longbows 25, forty eight lookout 19 lord 20, 23, 24, 27, 30–31, 32, forty, forty two relatives eleven, 32–33 M machicolation 17 mangonel sixteen, forty nine manor forty two marriage 32, forty-one meat 36, forty three, forty four retailers 29, 39 merlons thirteen steel 24 lead 22, 23, 26 minstrels 37 missiles 17 moat 10, eleven, thirteen, 14, 30, 34 mortar 22 motte-and-bailey 10 mucking out forty three multure 27 homicide holes 15 musicians 37, 38, forty NO nails 24 oubliette 19 P pages eleven, 33, forty palisade 10 parapets eleven peacocks forty four peasants 20, 29, 35, 36, forty five peddlers 39 peepholes 19 pigeons forty three pigs forty three, forty four pillory forty six, forty seven plumber 26 poleax forty nine portcullis 12, 19 possessions 33 potter 27 urgent forty six priest eleven, 33 prisoners 18, 19, forty six, forty seven punishments 46–47 puppet indicates 39 putlog holes 15, 22 QR quarrels (arrows) 15 quintain 30 reeve forty five maintenance 22–23 roofing thirteen, 22, 23 S sally port 17 salt 37, forty three sappers sixteen, 17 scaffolding 22 seating 35 servants 32, 33, 34, 36 sewage 30 shaving 34 sheep forty four shields forty-one shingles 23 sieges 14, 15, 16–17, 22, 23, forty nine silver plate 33 slaughterhouse forty three sluices 35 sunlight 30, 31 spices 31, 37 spinning 27, 28 spitting 37 activities 38 squint 19 squires 33, forty stone 10, 22, 25 stonemasons 22, 24, 25 offers 14, 42–43 swords forty nine T tailors 27, 29 tapestries 32–33, 35, forty taxes 23, 31, forty five thatch 23 instruments 24, forty two torture 31, forty six towers 10–11, 12–13, 46–47 city gate forty six traitors forty six, forty seven treadmill 23 treasury 31 trebuchet 15, sixteen, forty six, forty seven, forty nine trencher 36 troubadours 37, forty VW vaulted ceiling 31 villeins 20, forty five partitions 10–11, 12, 23, 25 limewash 26 battle hammer forty nine watchmen 12, thirteen watchtower 10–11, thirteen water 23, 24, 31 wattle and daub 23, 25 guns 15, sixteen, 17, 21, 25, 48–49 jousting 38, 40–41 good 23, 31 winch room 19 windmill 27 home windows 30 wine 34, 35, 36, forty five ladies 27, 28, 39 wooden 14, 24, 26, forty two wool 28, 29, forty four staff 26–27, 32, 33 fifty one ESCAPED!

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