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Like the name suggests, the ventilation that comes from an end vent window comes from the ends of the actual window. This is accomplished because the unit contains three separate panes. The middle pane remains stationary, while the two pains that are found on either end of the frame slide inward. While some end vent windows have a center pane that is moveable, most of them do not.

Because the end vent window consists of three frames, they need more wall space than a normal hung window. The windows will be wider from left to right than they are from top to bottom because the track needs to compensate for two panes sliding inward.

Because there are two panes that slide toward the center of the window, ventilation in an end vent window is a breeze. What’s more, the wider frame of the window allows you to enjoy bigger panoramic views of the outside, which could make it a more aesthetically pleasing option depending on the direction that the window is installed.  While the end window panes are easy to clean on the inside and the outside, cleaning the outside of the center window may prove to be challenging if it is locked in a stationary position.

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