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Casement Windows


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Casement windows carry a basic design and a bit of vintage charm. These windows consist of one large, rectangular pane.  They are longer from top to bottom than they are from side to side. Because it is one unit, casement windows swing outward – they have nowhere to move otherwise.

In some respects, the main appeal to a casement window is from an aesthetic standpoint.  A casement window can evoke the kind of beauty and elegance that one may find in an old European manor or chateau. This is especially the case if you fit the frame of the casement window with something ornate such as stained glass.

Yet there are other important advantages that a casement window has apart from its tendency to add a touch of sophistication to your home.  For instance, casement windows are easy to clean, as the outside and inside are easy to access. It also allows for easy ventilation, since you are essentially opening one large window in a frame.  Additionally, casement windows tend to be rather durable – they can last a long time without developing any air leaks.  They also feature frames that are designed for insulation, so you won’t have to worry about heat from escaping.

A lot of residents in Selkirk seem to be loving our casement windows. We have done quite a few jobs there.



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