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Awning Windows






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From a design aesthetic, awning windows are similar to that of an actual awning that you may see hanging over a building. They are designed to allow the window sash to swing out and open from the bottom. They are typically wider on the top and bottom than they are on the left side or the right side.  They can be operated with pull chains or by a hand crank.

These types of windows were popular in the days before air conditioning units were common in households and businesses. They were particularly common in schools and manufacturing plants, particularly if the buildings were built between the 1920s and the 1950s. They are still in use today; often times, these types of windows are found over a door or another window.

Because they swing open from the bottom, awning windows can be opened in most weather conditions. Their design also allows them allow for better room lighting and ventilation, which makes them an ideal window for rooms that have a tendency to become dark and stuffy. It also allows for a more efficient means for dust and dirt to be drawn in from the outside, which means that they need to be cleaned on a more frequent basis.

Awning appear to be especially popular in Steinbach, where most residential homes have at least 3 such windows installed.



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